And the rest of you ain’t looking so good, either

By Christopher | February 24, 2012

Now that he’s figured out what’s wrong with our feet, mega-mind Dr. Dan Lieberman has moved on to the rest of our bodies. He’s figured out not only why humans evolved to become world champs at packing on fat, but what we can do about it. As usual with Lieberman, it’s an explanation and a…

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I know YOU know this, but…

By Christopher | February 10, 2012

… it’s hard to get other people, particularly journalists, to understand that the debate about running form is not a debate about bare feet. It’s encouraging that publications like the New York Times and Men’s Fitness have stories about Dr. Lieberman’s groundbreaking research on the relationship between running form and injuries (while running magazines — surprise!…

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Why is running form “controversial”? Because your pain is worth a lot of money.

By Christopher | February 8, 2012

Patient: “Doc, it hurts whenever I go like this. Doctor: “Don’t go like that.” Over the past few years, Daniel Lieberman’s lab at Harvard University has made a series of groundbreaking discoveries by testing one simple premise: if your leg hurts when you move it one way, try moving it another. And what has he…

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Tarahumara Drought Update, III

By Christopher | February 6, 2012

I’ve never met Mickey Mahaffey, but Will Harlan vouches for him and that goes a very long way. Mickey and Will just helped coordinate a full-on Tarahumara rarajipari, or flick-ball race, down in the canyon-bottom town of Urique. The result: four tons of food were distributed not as charity, but as prizes for ultrarunning excellence.…

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When it comes to helping the Running People, Will and Caballo are short on words, long on deeds.

By Christopher | February 4, 2012

Good thing honest brokers like Caballo and Will Harlan are on the job, because when it comes to emergency drought relief for the Tarahumara, the Mexican government is apparently all talk, no pinole. You have to be impressed by the long-range strategies of Harlan and the Horse. Will’s approach is to not only help out…

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The White Horse rides to the rescue

By Christopher | February 1, 2012

Caballo is going to head-butt me for that headline, so please note that i’m risking his wrath to capture your attention. The New York Times looked into famine conditions in the Copper Canyons, and their findings are almost identical to what Caballo told me two weeks ago: the mass suicide tales are bogus, but the…

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Can he make it look any easier? Marshall Lewy sips whiskey, writes Sundance scripts in 2 weeks, and reveals a bit about the Born to Run movie.

By Christopher | January 27, 2012

Amazing year for Marshall Lewy. One of his projects lost financing at the last sec, but instead of putting his foot (or the investors) through the wall, he bounced back by tearing out a Sundance-worthy script in just 16 days and attracting exactly the star he wanted — Robert Carlyle of “Trainspotting” and “The Full…

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NFL discovers a secret Tarahumara weapon

By Christopher | January 20, 2012

“I was not aware that Ray Rice eats Chia Pets,” said linebacker Terrell Suggs. According to today’s Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Ravens’ star rusher Ray Rice has been ditching trendy supplements in favor of the ancient nutritional secret of Tarahumara runners: Chia seeds.

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Help ultrarunner Will Harlan help the Tarahumara

By Christopher | January 18, 2012

Reports of a drought crisis have been emerging from the Copper Canyons over the past few days. Because it’s sometimes hard to tell what is credible from what has been sensationalized, WIll Harlan is on his way down to directly assist and assess. Will is experienced, knowledgeable, and utterly honest, and yesterday he emailed me…

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Best story I never told

By Christopher | January 4, 2012

When I was researching “Born to Run,” I visited the Hopi reservation in Arizona and got to spend time with Hopi elder Bucky Preston and his ultrarunning protege, Dennis Poolheco. It was a wild time, including a freezing moonlit scramble over the mesa while trying to find our way back out of the wilderness and…

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