The White Horse rides to the rescue

Caballo is going to head-butt me for that headline, so please note that i’m risking his wrath to capture your attention. The New York Times looked into famine conditions in the Copper Canyons, and their findings are almost identical to what Caballo told me two weeks ago: the mass suicide tales are bogus, but the hardship is all too real.
One bright moment in the coming weeks is the annual running of Caballo’s Copper Canyon Ultramarathon, the race that’s featured in Born to Run. How Caballo pulls it together every year is an absolute mystery. This year, the race is totally full: hundreds of Tarahumara and 80 runners from outside the canyons (including Barefoot Ted) will be gathering on Sunday, March 4, for 51 miles of bad-ass backcountry trailrunning.
Not only is Caballo giving away hundreds of pounds of corn as prizes, but he’s also digging deep to provide corn to Tarahumara villages in advance of the race. If you’d like to help an honest man who gives every cent directly to the people who need it, check out Caballo’s “Norawas” operation.


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