It’s on! Copper Canyon Ultramarathon 2013 is a go.

By Christopher | July 12, 2012

Caballo’s legacy is in great hands: Caballo’s wonderful girlfriend, Maria, and Josue Stephens — a seasoned race director, ultra runner, and longtime Mas Loco — are heading down to the Copper Canyons this month to lock in logistics with the Presidencia of the host town, Urique. Choosing Josue Stephens as co-director of the race was…

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First the drought, now drug thugs: Mexico’s cartels target Tarahumara Indian athletes

By Christopher | June 27, 2012

If the drug war can start involving the Tarahumara, then no one is immune. —Don Morrison, a borderlands attorney with a Tarahumara client in prison. When I returned to the Copper Canyons in 2006 for Caballo’s race, I was heartsick to discover that Manuel Luna’s son — a kind and wonderfully talented young man who…

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Runner’s World: Remember those shoes we spent 30 years telling you to buy? Never mind.

By Christopher | June 24, 2012

In Dec. 2008, Runner’s World slipped this footnote into its shoe review: We’ve reported in the past that a more stable shoe will help relieve the pain you feel just ahead of the heel. But recent research has shown that stability shoes are unlikely to relieve plantar fasciitis and may even exacerbate the symptoms. Translation:…

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“Most influential runner in America”

By Christopher | June 12, 2012

Somewhere, a White Horse is reading this and rolling his eyes. Or saying, “De nada, McOso.” Meanwhile, Scott Jurek is still on the road and killing it with his “Eat & Run” tour. The reception has been insane: I joined him for four events in three days in New York, Boston, and Chicago, and every…

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Eat & Run: The Road Tour **UP-UPDATES**

By Christopher | May 30, 2012

Tickets are going fast. As of Thursday, May 31: **Boston, June 6, is sold out.But the group run through Harvard is open to all-comers: 4:30 pm. Scroll down here for details. **New York, June 5, is nearly full for the evening event. On Tuesday morning, Scott is leading a street party/group run all the way…

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Fade to white: the NY Times gives the Ghost Horse an epic epilogue

By Christopher | May 21, 2012

“They rambled and ran, calling Caballo…” The New York Times re-creates the final days and rollercoaster last years of Micah True, in both print and audio forms. Among the story’s other virtues, it’s the best-reported and most emotionally-moving account of the search — not a surprise, since it comes from narrative master Barry Bearak. This…

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McDougall & Jurek: New York, Boston, and Chicago, June 5,6,7

By Christopher | May 17, 2012

Scott Jurek has some kind of wild fiesta planned for Tuesday, June 5, when he launches his new book, “Eat and Run.” We’ll be uncorking an epic run around Manhattan in the morning and speaking in Bryant Park at noon, but the showstopper will be this event on Tuesday night. I’ve only heard about half…

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Back on the Road: NYC, Boston, Chicago, Utica — June 5, 6, 7, 9

By Christopher | May 3, 2012

**Update: Ok, details are up for the 1st event in NYC at Bryant Park. not ALL the details, though; we’re still brainstorming our plan to arrive on foot after an epic run. more on that once we nail it down. Meanwhile: On June 5, Scott Jurek is launching his great new book, “Eat and Run,”…

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Good enough for Jesus, good enough for Spartacus, good enough for you.

By Christopher | April 26, 2012

Seattle’s “The Stranger” pulls back the curtain on Barefoot Ted, Inc. You heard it here first (well, assuming you’re not in touch with Roman Centurions and Biblical prophets): Huaraches are about to become the next footwear sensation. In a year, Lunas could push aside Vibrams as the next less thing. Sandal Factory As Ballard makes…

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Coyote on Caballo, Barefoot Ted, and learning Tarahumara tricks from Silvino

By Christopher | April 26, 2012

One thing I regret about “Born to Run” was not getting more of Luis Escobar into it. During the Copper Canyon adventure, he was always upbeat and up for anything. Caballo called him “Coyote,” and that pretty much nails it: without his quick eye and instincts, photos like this would never have existed: Recently, he…

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