By Christopher | April 20, 2012

Finally, a double-feature of films that don’t depict running as the awful thing you have to endure to succeed at something else. The first is an ode to El Venado, and it may be the only surviving footage of him jitterbuging with a saucy Mexican señora after a 50-mile trail race. The second, “Town of…

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Caballo’s last words

By Christopher | April 18, 2012

Norwegian journalist Kjetil Lyche and photographer Luca Kleve-Ruud were in the Copper Canyon for what turned out to be Caballo’s last race. They created this heartbreaking video.

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Who cares how Geronimo died?

By Christopher | April 13, 2012

Outside magazine gave me the chance to describe what it was like to hunt for Caballo. For us, it all began like this: “WHAT’S THAT CRAZY GUY UP TO NOW?” It was amazing and almost reassuring to hear photographer Luis Escobar now sounding so calm and lighthearted, because his first reaction when he heard that…

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Take it from Trust Caballo & Barefoot Ted, not your doctor.

By Christopher | April 11, 2012

Launching from the great story about high school supernova Cayla Hatton, the Johnson Brothers at offer some smart advice — if your doctor tells you not to run, see someone else. Take it away, Brojos: Weekly Free Coaching Advice – Are You Under The Age Of 20 And Told By An Orthopedist Not To…

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“Who was the mysterious White Horse?”

By Christopher | April 4, 2012

Thanks to the BBC magazine, I had a chance to memorialize Caballo right after I got home from the search: 4 April 2012 Ultra-running: Who was the mysterious White Horse? The long-distance runner Michael Randall Hickman, also known as Micah True, White Horse or Caballo Blanco, was a talismanic figure for ultra-runners until his recent…

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Meet me in Philly for a run & Tarahumara exhibit, featuring Caballo

By Christopher | April 4, 2012

Next Wed, April 11, I’ll be speaking at the UPenn Museum, which is featuring a unique Tarahumara photo exhibit. I understand that Caballo figures in some of the photos, and even a short video. Admission is five bucks but seating is limited, so you’ll need to grab a ticket soon. I’ll also be meeting with…

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Thanks for everything, Caballo

By Christopher | April 2, 2012

From Patrick Sweeney, who dropped everything to join the search for Caballo: Micah True lived the dream: simply, fully By Mike Sandrock, For the Camera Wherever I went in town over the weekend, the talk was about “Caballo Blanco.” His disappearance while on a run in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness Area. The four-day search for…

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“The Truth About Barefoot Running”

By Christopher | March 5, 2012

In an excellent story for Runners World UK, Sam Murphy does something almost no other reporter ever tries: learning it for herself. She doesn’t just take a few wincing steps; she studies technique, makes a smart effort to master it, dares to climb aboard Barefoot Ted’s Wrong-Way Rickshaw, and even travels from the UK to…

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Race day!

By Christopher | March 3, 2012

Caballo has done it again: somehow he’s managed to pull off yet another “Ultramaraton de Caballo Blanco” at the bottom of the Copper Canyons. Barefoot Ted made it back, and if you’ve read Born to Run, you’ll know how thrilled he was to find this guy waiting to meet him: Manuel Luna, his pal and…

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“I started eating my German Shepherd’s rawhide bones…”

By Christopher | February 28, 2012

Back when I was living in Madrid and before I got my first journalism job, I was lucky to learn one of the best questions you can ever ask someone: “So what got you here?” Defining here is up to them, and that’s what makes the question so great: the first words out of their…

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