“There has always been an “anti-female” attitude lurking beneath the surface of running”

By Christopher | October 4, 2011

The Guardian asked me to weigh in on the bizarre decision by track’s governing body to suddenly change rules that have been in place for 40 years and nullify one of the greatest performances in modern sports: Paula Radcliffe’s world record in the marathon. Is it a coincidence that 23 of the 28 people who…

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Prove it, or pay

By Christopher | September 28, 2011

No study has ever shown that running shoes do anything to reduce injuries or improve performance. Yet the whole multi-billion dollar industry business is based on the marketing lie that running is dangerous if you’re not wearing some kind of super-cushioned or motion-controlling footwear. It’s amazing the shoe companies get away with it. But one…

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If you doubt barefoot running is on the rise..

By Christopher | September 27, 2011

…check out the mob at the NYC Barefoot Festival. Only 2 years old and already booming. Barefoot Ted’s monkey-powered cart was the No. 1 hit (well, excluding the free kegs of Smuttynose pale ale). Watching Ted both pull and be pulled caused Dr. Lieberman to label him “both a rickshaw wallah and a shirtless barefoot…

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You don’t stop running because you get old. You get old because…

By Christopher | September 23, 2011

The Dipsea Demon made it a motto, John J. Kelley made it a tradition by barely slowing during decades of marathon, and the New York Times reports it’s now corroborated by German researchers: A few years ago researchers at the German Sports University Cologne took a close look at the finishing times of 400,000 marathon…

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Hope you enjoyed it, Mr. Vice President

By Christopher | July 1, 2011

What are you reading for pleasure? Have you made it through any good books since becoming Vice President? I read a great deal, but not everything I read is for pleasure. Some of the books I’ve read recently are Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell; Switch by Chip and Dan Heath; The Icarus Syndrome by Peter Beinart;…

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Busted in Boulder: The Graphic Novel

By Christopher | June 16, 2011

From Jenny Uehisa, who caught the showdown on film just when things were getting testy:

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“A kind of wild dirt magazine sort of version of ‘Born to Run’ that honors the true free spirit of what a lot of these people are like.”

By Christopher | June 16, 2011

Peter Sarsgaard, who was a creative writing student under the great Stanley Elkin at Washington University before becoming an actor, talks about his vision for the Born to Run movie and about adding his own screenwriting touch to the script. He’s certainly done his homework, including: interviewing Barefoot Ted at the Leadville Trail 100; getting…

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Naked Beer Run: The Musical

By Christopher | June 13, 2011

Kris Wood, you’re a guerrilla videographer genius: Barefoot Beer Run from Kris wood on Vimeo. And that’s some fine body art:

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Naked Beer Run II

By Christopher | June 10, 2011

4th Ave Pub is on standby to welcome 60+ sweaty, semi-shod runners this evening at the end of our 8-ish mile Naked Run across Manhattan. Feel free to join us anywhere along the route. We’re leaving Central Park at around 5 (or whenever my friend and new Guinness Record Holder Chris Solarz manages to slip…

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“It hurts to do stupid things.”

By Christopher | June 9, 2011

Barefoot Ken Bob weighs into the New York Times debate on barefoot running. As usual, his insight is the keenest. The response from Runner’s World? “Still anecdotal on key issues.” Sigh. Like watching the Titanic go down.

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