Help ultrarunner Will Harlan help the Tarahumara

Reports of a drought crisis have been emerging from the Copper Canyons over the past few days. Because it’s sometimes hard to tell what is credible from what has been sensationalized, WIll Harlan is on his way down to directly assist and assess. Will is experienced, knowledgeable, and utterly honest, and yesterday he emailed me this:
“I am personally ensuring that any donations will go directly to seeds and food for the Tarahumara. We’re a federal 501c3 nonprofit, so all donations are 100% tax deductible. I’ll report back to you on the situation once I’m down there; I have not personally witnessed the effects of the drought, but I’ve heard from several sources that hunger is widespread and quite serious, especially on the Batopilas side of the canyons. I share your caution in getting entangled with unfamiliar organizations; in this case, I’ll be down there myself to verify exactly what’s going on and participating personally in the distribution of food and seeds.”
Knowing Will, those are words you can count on. Please join me in chipping in to help.


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