Shoe smarts, from the man who doesn’t wear them

By Christopher | December 19, 2011

Last year, at our first Naked Tour event (Running: A Musical), I urged Barefoot Ted to perform a semi-magic trick by handcrafting a pair of Tarahumara huaraches while simultaneously condensing his entire quest for the perfect running shoe into 10 minutes. Ted, naturally, had ideas of his own, so his talk ventured into unexplored realms…

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The Melee in Taipei! Scott Jurek takes on his ultimate foe.

By Christopher | December 9, 2011

UPDATE: Peter Sarsgaard, who’s co-writing and directing the “Born to Run” movie, is in Taiwan with Scott. He wrote this excellent pre-race summary: Tonight at 8pm EST, Scott Jurek faces his most pitiless opponent: The clock. Timed races are among the most fiendishly difficult, because figuring out the pacing is a challenge only the…

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Lesson from an Olympic silver medalist: You’re never too late, or too fast, to get off your heels

By Christopher | November 14, 2011

Get past the product pitch and you’ll find Meb’s real message — at age 36, he finally got off his heels and changed his form to a gentler foot strike. The result: * He was able to get rid of the orthotics he’d been wearing since college * He ran the fastest marathon of his…

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100 Up in action

By Christopher | November 10, 2011

See? Couldn’t be easier.

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For your 100 Up Ipod playlist

By Christopher | November 8, 2011

Jason of The Nadas just alerted me to the Tarahumara song he wrote back in the ’90s after backpacking the Sierra Madres Run in Place

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100 Up and the “Vampire Bite” (aka, plantar fasciitis)

By Christopher | November 6, 2011

I’m curious to see whether anyone finds that the 100 Up relieves plantar fasciitis, beyond the possibility of preventing it. I had my own bout with the dreaded vampire bite back in late 2007, after I’d returned from the Copper Canyons and was working on Born to Run. It didn’t stop me from running, but…

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The Barefoot M.D., in his own words

By Christopher | November 6, 2011

…my journey of discovery began afar: while watching Kenyan runners go barefoot I’ve been impressed by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella ever since I first heard his story at a Boston Marathon forum two years ago (where, incidentally, he was mocked by a running-shoe expert). I’ve been down to see him in Shepherdstown twice, and I’m sure…

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Lost Secret of Perfect Running (or, Ever Wonder Why Running Shoes Always Get Great Reviews?)

By Christopher | November 2, 2011

This Sunday, I have a story in the New York Times Magazine which reveals the secret of perfect running. It’s a drill from the 1800s called “The 100 Up,” and after months of experimentation, I’m convinced it’s foolproof. Check out the story here.

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“If you think of running with us, you’re loco. If you make it to the race, you’re mas loco.”

By Christopher | October 6, 2011

Caballo in Sweden, looking ready and rested for another Copper Canyon Ultramarathon. Mexico is in his blood, but Nordic countries sure seem to agree with the rest of him. Registration is already running high for the 2012 CCUM. With six months to go, 42 international runners have already signed up .

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By Christopher | October 5, 2011

From a Lance Armstrong tweet this morning: @lancearmstrong Just had an MRI done on my plantar fasciitis. Sick of this! Most frustrating sports injury I’ve ever dealt with.. No surprise. Take a look at his form. Brutal. Wonder why Nike coach Alberto Salazar hasn’t gotten on him to lose that heel strike and unlock that…

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