Naked Tour, LA: April 10

Yes, running through a canyon with Barefoot Ken Bob AND Scott Jurek is too much to ever wish for... unless you make it to Griffith Park on Sunday, April 10. Not only can you run with the legends, but also get your barefooting tuned up by Eric Orton, endurance coach extraordinaire. And that's just the knuckle-cracker. After the run, it's Naked … [Read more...]

Naked Tour: San Fran updates

New events added in SF on April 8-9, including a Naked Run right to the doors of the bookstore: Friday, April 8: Naked Demo 5-8 pm Zombierunner 429 S California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94306 Phone: 650-325-2048 We'll have product experts and special guests to explain what it means to run minimally (or even naked). Get a signed copy of Born to Run and … [Read more...]

Eric Orton, the Naked Coach

Eric is the coach who first persuaded me I could transform myself, and then he made it happen. He'll be with me in Boise, San Fran and LA, leading naked runs and teaching the same technique that got me down to the Copper Canyons. Like this: … [Read more...]

BornToRunChris on Twitter and other updates

Keep an eye on BornToRunChris on Twitter for up-to-the-second details on The Naked Tour. I'll be posting from the road to let you know where we are, who showed up, and what's going on. For instance: **Scott Jurek just send word that he'll be at both Boston events — Harvard on April 15 and Boston Public Library on April 16. **Barefoot Ken Bob is … [Read more...]

Naked San Fran. With Naked Zombies

On Friday, April 8, we'll be holding a Naked Run Party at Zombierunners, the world's coolest & smartest running store (Seriously. The Zombies' shop is a vintage movie theater; they were on to minimalism before anyone else; and the Zombies were the first running store in the country to carry Born to Run). All kinds of stuff will be cooking that … [Read more...]

Today’s Born to Run Quiz

Let me stress, Rocket was not harmed in the shooting of this video. He totally loved the attention. Fire in your answers to ****UPDATE: Wow. Matt the Barefoot Joggler already has an answer: Amazing how easy today's question was. The stumbling part for a lot of people will be the term "head", not knowing that it's not an … [Read more...]

And the debut BTR Quiz Show winner is…

My sentimental favorite for first place is E. Stewart Moritz, who not only got the answer, but really got it: Mark Twain just springs off the page, doesn't he?  Nobody else writes quite like that. Alas, it's google-able, and I only just checked my RSS feed, so I know I'm too late. Still, what a great passage -- flip it around and you can see … [Read more...]

Born to Run: The Paperback. And now a quiz show prize.

The paperback release for Born to Run is in 5 days on March 29. That calls for a little gift-giving. First to email in with the answer to this question gets a free signed copy. So let's see, what do I need... something trivia-ish but not trivial. Get-able, but not Google-able. Okay, I think I've got it. Who wrote this description of a coyote … [Read more...]

Death of “Born Again Smitty”

From David Aronson, who also knew the cave-dwelling ultrarunner and one-time mentor of Caballo Blanco: I met Smitty, mentioned in your book, on Maui back in the early 70's. He was experimenting with different foot coverings at the time such as duct tape, gauze and Thorlo socks in addition to his barefoot running. I even tried going barefoot, … [Read more...]