Today’s Born to Run Quiz

Let me stress, Rocket was not harmed in the shooting of this video. He totally loved the attention.

Fire in your answers to

****UPDATE: Wow. Matt the Barefoot Joggler already has an answer:

Amazing how easy today’s question was. The stumbling part for a lot
of people will be the term “head”, not knowing that it’s not an anatomical head you are referring to, but rather a toilet.
The creature — a kitten
The instrument — Ken’s own hand
Where is the creature now — living in Ken’s house
I hope that the cat isn’t used in a juggling act.

Not even close, of course. But it does open the door to legitimate alternate answers in the event that Ken has actually pulled a live creature out of toilet not his own.

****Further updates — Incorrect answers so far include:
a botfly,
a tick,
a maggot,
a “starving brain sucker”
or, “limitations,” removed with a recording of Herb Brooks speech from Disney’s “Miracle on Ice.”


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