Naked San Fran. With Naked Zombies

On Friday, April 8, we’ll be holding a Naked Run Party at Zombierunners, the world’s coolest & smartest running store (Seriously. The Zombies’ shop is a vintage movie theater; they were on to minimalism before anyone else; and the Zombies were the first running store in the country to carry Born to Run).

All kinds of stuff will be cooking that night. We’ll be holding a Naked Demo, signing books, and raffling off prizes. You can sample the newest barefoot footwear, pick up a ticket for Saturday’s Naked Cabaret at Book Passage, and learn more about the logistics for Saturday’s Naked Run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Note: we’re looking for two runners to volunteer as sweeps for the Naked Run. Your job is to run at the very back of the group and make sure no one gets lost or needs help. In return, you’ll be presented with a smokin’ hot limited edition Naked Tour race tee.

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