The Independent: “A fascinating means of super-fitness discovered by men fighting Hitler”

By Christopher | April 10, 2015

Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall, book review: The search for the hero inside  A fascinating means of super-fitness discovered by men fighting Hitler One of the most daring, madcap episodes of the Second World War was the kidnapping by Patrick Leigh Fermor, dirty trickster supreme, and his band of British eccentrics and Cretan hard…

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Natural Born Heroes selected as BookPages “Top Nonfiction Pick”

By Christopher | April 2, 2015

BookPage Nonfiction Top Pick, April 2015 It’s reassuring to discover that heroes, both ancient and modern, are not somehow supernaturally endowed after all. Indeed, they may come by their skills quite naturally. In the thoroughly absorbing Natural Born Heroes, which tracks heroism from the times of Zeus and Odysseus to the World War II bravery of…

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New York event: registration now live!

By Christopher | March 26, 2015

The biggest, knife-thowingest, wild-fitnessy event of the tour could be in New York on Wednesday April 15. Don’t miss it. Reserve your seat here.

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Mens Journal: “The Extreme Athletes of the Second World War”

By Christopher | March 24, 2015

What was so heroic about the kidnapping of the German general? World War II warfare was about weapons and blood. And here you have these guys, not soldiers but old-fart British academics. The only reason they’re there is that they happen to speak ancient Greek. And they say: “Instead of killing another person, let’s make…

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Lancaster: “Welcome to the crazy cabaret.”

By Christopher | March 24, 2015

By CINDY STAUFFER | Staff Writer There will be knife throwing. And a standup comic telling jokes. And a woman and man jumping and climbing. And oh yes, people playing ukuleles. Welcome to the crazy cabaret that will unfold in Lancaster next month, when author Christopher McDougall launches his  new book “Natural Born Heroes” at…

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Ridgefield is getting ready…

By Christopher | March 5, 2015

Chris McDougall taught us how to run. Now, in his new book, Natural Born Heroes, he teaches us how to move! More

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Wild Women

By Christopher | March 4, 2015

‘What if women discovered they could be just as strong in the city as they were in the wild? What if they knew they could climb, run, jump, and adapt as powerfully as any man?’ From Chapter 20 of Christopher McDougall’s Natural Born Heroes I’m going to have to step up my game fast before the Heroes…

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