Naked Tour, LA: April 10

Yes, running through a canyon with Barefoot Ken Bob AND Scott Jurek is too much to ever wish for…
unless you make it to Griffith Park on Sunday, April 10. Not only can you run with the legends, but also get your barefooting tuned up by Eric Orton, endurance coach extraordinaire.
And that’s just the knuckle-cracker. After the run, it’s Naked Cabaret time at Book Soup. I know, hard to believe it’s all one day.
Naked Run and Demo
Featuring: Scott Jurek, the legendary Barefoot Ken Bob, Eric Orton, and Christopher McDougall
When: 1:00 p.m.
Where: A Runner’s Circle Running Store
3216 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90039
Fantastic location, right across from the hills and canyons of Griffith Park. We’ll meet at A Runner’s Circle for a barefoot running workshop with Barefoot Ken Bob and coach Eric Orton. Try out a great selection of the latest in minimal footwear, including Inov-8, the New Balance Minimus, Vibram FiveFingers and more. Then we’ll head into the park for a run in the hills. Don’t worry about pace or distance — Barefoot Ken Bob is personally scouting out a variety of interlocking loops, so you can pick your distance and still stay with the group. Come barefoot, nearly barefoot, or laced and cushioned to your heart’s content.

• Naked Cabaret
When: 5:00 p.m.
Where: Book Soup (310.659.3110)
Christopher McDougall
Scott Jurek — The ultra-god who has won just about every really hard race in the world on a vegan diet.
Eric Orton — the coach who first persuaded me I could transform myself, and then he made it happen. He’ll be with me in Boise, San Fran and LA, leading naked runs and teaching the same technique that got me down to the Copper Canyons. Like this:

Marshall Lewy — The screenwriter working with actor and debut director Peter Sarsgaard to adapt Born to Run for the screen.


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