Back on the Road: NYC, Boston, Chicago, Utica — June 5, 6, 7, 9

**Update: Ok, details are up for the 1st event in NYC at Bryant Park. not ALL the details, though; we’re still brainstorming our plan to arrive on foot after an epic run. more on that once we nail it down.


On June 5, Scott Jurek is launching his great new book, “Eat and Run,” and to celebrate, I’ll be hitting the road with him for a few one-of-a-kind events. Some of the ideas we’re putting together are truly epic (like, if you’ve got an iPhone and you’re in New York, this could be your best fake sick-day of the year).
Scott will unveil the full agenda soon, but until then, save the dates and practice your really-can’t-make-it-coughcough-to-work-today phone voice.
Utica will be a solo operation; I’ll be there while Scott is in DC.
Expect runs, beers, tattoos, arrests.


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