After two years of heel pain, Mike Rossi was so desperate he decided to have his plantar fascia surgically severed. Then, he got another idea…

By Christopher | September 9, 2010

Chris – Hopefully you get this email. I wanted to thank you for your book as you truly have saved me from surgery and reenergized my running. I have been very active my whole life, wrestling year round (running sprints barefoot during high school) and the Marine Corp (all training done in combat boots that…

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10,000-year-old Red Bull

By Christopher | September 8, 2010

I know why I got such a jolt out of iskiate, the Tarahumara’s Stone Age energy brew, when I was down in the Copper Canyons — I was dehydrated and hurting for calories. So was Carl Lumholtz, the great Norwegian explorer, when he explored Tarahumara country in the 1800s and took his first stunned swallows:…

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“It’s all too often that we let our remedies become our maladies”

By Christopher | September 7, 2010

Angela Raines got a super upclose seat at the Boulder Book Store talk, but it didn’t come cheap. “I got to sit cross-legged on the floor,” she reports, “inches away from the author’s very own, bare and slightly grimey, feet.” (I’d gone on a dusty trail run that afternoon in a pair of Barefoot Ted’s…

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BTR on “Here on Earth”

By Christopher | September 2, 2010

Thanks to Wisconsin public radio and the excellent host of “Here on Earth,” I got the chance to tell the story behind the story of Born to Run

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Rizzoli & Isles, Episode 7: “Born to Run”

By Christopher | August 25, 2010

“Early humans ran very comfortably without shoes. Research has proven that the barefoot strike pattern is much less stressful.” —Dr. Maura Isles, showing up for the “Massachusetts Marathon” in a pair of Vibram Fivefingers

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BTR Barefoot Run, Harlem-Brooklyn, Pt VI: What a Blast.

By Christopher | August 18, 2010

My thanks to Kris Wood, who somehow managed to shoot this great video while dodging bikes and cabs and crossing two major bridges. Barefoot Run from Kris wood on Vimeo.

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BTR Barefoot Run, Part V: Follow the Sound of the Skins

By Christopher | August 11, 2010

Tonight, Aug. 11, we’ll be greeted in Marcus Garvey Park and serenaded off by none other than M’Bemba, the Mali grand master drummer.

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BTR Barefoot Run, Harlem to Brooklyn, Part IV: Suck It Up

By Christopher | August 10, 2010

It’s going to be a toasty out there tomorrow. Water stops are going to be necessary but hit or miss, so make sure to bring a handheld, waistpack or hydration pack, like this or this. We’ll stop to refuel along the way, but with a group of 70-some (and counting) runners, everyone is going to…

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BTR Barefoot Run, Pt. III: Word Loves Your Dirty Toes.

By Christopher | August 9, 2010

Word Bookstore announced that everyone who makes the run will be admitted to the reading that night for free, waiving the $25 charge. That’s right: your sweat-funk just acquired a dollar value, and for one day only, one store in New York will be shoes-optional. Live it up.

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BTR Barefoot Run, Pt. II: So what’s the deal?

By Christopher | August 9, 2010

What this isn’t: A race, a tough guy contest, or a trial by fiery sidewalk (although it’s supposed to be pretty stinking hot on Wednesday). What it is: A fun run. That, plus a celebration that the dismal days of being afraid of running are coming to an end. Fast, light-footed running has nothing to…

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