Aug 2: Ditch Work and Get Dirty

Due to pressure from The Man (and the weather), we’re changing the run from before the talk to AFTER. Personally, that suits me fine — I’ve never been at peace with anything that takes place in a parking lot at 7 in the morning. I hope it doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s plans. So, to recap: the Gretna trail run is now scheduled for Aug 2 at approximately 12 noon, directly after Brendan Koerner’s book talk. Carved in stone this time.

The Plan: blow off work on Friday, Aug 2 for a book talk/trail run/lakeside beach party
The Events: a wicked fun trail run on wild Appalachian-style trails with Brendan Koerner, author of the insanely well-received The Skies Belong to Us. Brendan is going to run trails with us in the morning, then join us for a picnic breakfast in the woods, then haul himself up to talk while we loll around and listen. Afterwards, there’s a big lake with a high dive and an old-timey swing for anyone who wants to go for a swim.

The Place: well, that’s the hitch. it’s taking place in Mt. Gretna, PA. It’s a gorgeous little forest oasis about a half-hour north of Lancaster, PA. Not a bad drive, and since it’s Friday, you’ll pass 700 excellent Amish roadside stalls with homemade sticky buns and root beer.
The Time: UPDATED: we’re starting the run at 12 noon, directly after Brendan’s book talk

So why are we doing it? I’m not supposed to be leaving my backyard until I finish the book I’m working on, but I really wanted to hear Brendan talk about his book. Plus, I love Gretna’s trails. At first I thought I’d just dart up on my own, grab a run, catch the talk, and scoot home with no one the wiser. But what the hell: might as well make a party out of it. So if anyone wants to join me (and Brendan, who I just found out is a runner and agreed to come kick dirt with us), make your way to Gretna on Friday morning.

AND IF YOU DO…. Door Prizes! Guess what ELSE is happening on Aug 2? Barefoot Ted and His Luna Monkeys are rolling out a new trail model, “The Oso.” It’s a masterpiece. I’ll have a pair to give away, once again using our Korima raffle system: I’ll award the sandals to two people who want to give them to someone else. So come prepared with a hell of a good story and you’ll make someone else very happy.
I’m also kicking in a dozen eggs, fresh-laid that same morning (including one turkey egg!), because that’s all that comes to mind right now.
Plus, I’m sure Brendan will finagle a free copy or two to give away. Right, Brendan?


How Will This Be Organized? Poorly, believe me. Hit me on Twitter or via ‘info” on my website if you want a seat in the soccer-mom van. If other rides from Lancaster become available, I’ll update. Otherwise, safe travels and see you there.


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