Naked Beer Run, Anyone?

We’re a go. Details on BarefootNYC Meetup. Please RSVP so we can do a head count before we set off and don’t leave anyone behind.

This Saturday, June 11, we’ll be holding our climactic Naked Tour event in Brooklyn. To simultaneously celebrate, warm-up, and get there, I’ll be running to Brooklyn after I arrive in Manhattan on Friday afternoon. I’m planning to light out about 4pm. Looks to be about 6-ish miles, depending on which bridge and beer garden look best. (Suggestions? Fire them in. I’m hoping for microbrewy and barefoot-friendly). I’m pretty sure John Durant will be there, because who’s more microbrewy and barefoot-friendly than this guy?

John Durant shotguns a beer out of a shoe from John Durant on Vimeo.

DETAILS: From me? Seriously? You must not have heard about The Boulder Barefoot Bandit Bust. Check in with BarefootNYC Meetup. I’ll be ready to hit the bricks by 4pm, so I’m open to any plan that has a stein in my hand by 6.


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