Signed & Inscribed for Mother’s Day

Thanks to the make-it-happen folks at Boulder Books, we can now sign & ship personalized copies of Born to Run in time for Mother’s Day. Just make sure to place your order no later than next Saturday, April 30. I’ll be in the store at the crack of dawn on May 1 and I won’t leave until every copy is prettied up and ready to go.

Click here to prove you love your mom, wife, sister, daughter, mother-in-law, or self. Likewise if you could just use a dash of good korima.

MBG: What larger spiritual lessons/lessons about life can we learn from the Tarahumara?
CM: Korima. Odd how much this Tarahumara word sounds its cousin, “karma.” The Tarahumara have no money and very few possessions. Their very existence depend on kindness and shared favors. All material things, they believe, should be like water and flow naturally to where they’re needed. When you try to keep too much water for yourself, it will stagnate and make you sick. Hard to argue with that thinking.

Better yet: Come to Boulder for our wild, outdoor, mountainside Naked Cabaret on May 1 and get your book signed in person.


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