Mystery: ID the Naked Runner ***Update***

This tattoo turned up in the Boston Globe video of the Naked Run right before the Boston Marathon. Anyone with a calf like that deserves a Naked Tour race tee. Please step up and claim your prize.

Put a name to the calf

****Early this morning, this pops up in my inbox. Theresa, we were so busy chatting about whether your kids’ footprints would wash off your shirt that I never noticed you had The Awesome Calf. And what a smokin’ job you did in Boston — 4:01 over chippy tar. Amazing. Please shoot me an email and I’ll fire you off a Naked Tour tee and a tattoo for the other leg.****

A message from “Barefoot Mama” about the origins of her glorious leg art:

I was on vacation in Fl. with my family and my husband took a picture of me running barefoot on the beach. We got an artist to draw the tattoo from the picture. So the tattoo is a picture of myself. The artist even incorporated my other tattoo into the picture.


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