The Naked Tour

Born to Run comes out in paperback on April 1. To celebrate, we’re launching The Naked Tour, a nationwide series of events aimed at answering every runner’s No. 1 question: “How can I learn to run like that guy?”

Or that guy:

Or Jenn:

Or even the flying Monkey:

The series will kick off in Chicago on April 1. It will be a new New Year’s Day for everyone who’s already abandoned their resolution to start running and wants the chance to re-boot right, or April Fool’s Day for anyone who still believes that running is dangerous.

Joining me on stage and out on the streets will be some of the groundbreaking thinkers, adventurers and athletes whose ideas informed Born to Run and whose research continues to tear away misconceptions about our bodies (hint: just wait till you hear what Dr. Lieberman has been up to).

Check out here for events, dates, and other details. We’ll be barnstorming around throughout April and May, culminating in a barefoot run all the way around Manhattan on June 11.


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