Reinventing Running: The Cabaret

So here’s the backstory of this event: As our way of celebrating the New York City Marathon, we decided to try re-creating on stage some of the processes of discovery I went through while researching Born to Run. This won’t be a book talk, or a barefoot-running lecture, or a go-get’m motivational speech. Instead, we’ll be putting a mic in the hands of people who first made it dawn on me that everything I knew about running was wrong, and that it could actually be a pain-free pleasure instead of a punishment for pizza. That’s why I enlisted Dr. Daniel Lieberman, who taught me that distance running is the one natural gift that made all human accomplishment possible; and Barefoot Ted, who made me smirk when he appeared in the Copper Canyons wearing the first pair of Vibram Fivefingers I’d ever seen but gradually converted me from a skeptic into an admirer and believer; and Eric Orton, whose mastery of endurance training still leaves me baffled — I keep getting stronger and faster, although I can’t figure out exactly how he does it; and John Durant, who has immersed himself in the transferable skills of a Tarahumara-like, hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
Each speaker will tackle a different topic and have 10 minutes to hit you with their best shot. I’ve asked them to explore whatever new developments they’re most intrigued by, so I’m in as much suspense as anyone to find out what they’ll say. I’ll also be speaking, as will The Mystery Guest With Awesome Embargoed News and a few other guests who are coming aboard right now. As for the finale… well, if this guy pulls it off, he’s a genius.
Plus, there will be more than talk — Vibram and Paragon Sports have offered to host the event, so we’ve now got the wallet for giveaways, a special event raffle, some hot Hawaiian hip-shakers, and a piano which could be our crowning glory or a total fiasco.
Tickets are 10 bucks, but limited. You can buy them online while they last, or pop into Paragon Sports and pick one up in person.

The place:
2 West 64 Street
New York, NY
Time and date: Friday, Nov. 5 Doors open at 6pm.
Door Prize You’ll Get Nowhere Else And Never Again: No leis at this luau: the hula ladies will personally guss you up with a killer “Born to Run” temp tattoo.


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