Reinventing Running, Nov 5: The Trailer, Pt II.

We’re at D minus 6 till show time:
It may teeter toward undignified, but for sheer showmanship I have this hankering to wheel Barefoot Ted on stage for the Reinventing Running cabaret in a handcart wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask. As for one of our other featured speakers — urban paleo explorer John Durant — I hope he gives his entire talk thru that bullhorn. He looks like he’s unleashing troops on the beaches of Normandy.

Official highlights from the 1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run from John Durant on Vimeo.

But one thing’s for sure: I’ll either be at the 2nd New York City Barefoot Run next year or make sure not to accept any anonymous packages through the mail:

John Durant shotguns a beer out of a shoe from John Durant on Vimeo.


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