My First Marathon: New York City, Nov 7

Thanks to Dr. Lieberman, who talked me into it, I’ll be running my first marathon this fall since I gave up running for good 10 years ago. That was before meeting the Tarahumara, and Caballo, and lots of other stuff that ended up becoming Born to Run. I had zero interest in running New York, to be frank, until Dr. Lieberman very cleverly talked me into it. I’ll be telling the story of why I didn’t want to run and how he persuaded me in an upcoming story for the New York Times’ “Well” section.
And you’ll be able to spot me during the New York City Marathon because I’ll be sporting one of these on my arm, courtesy of the unbelievably speedy work of tatsandtags:

You can get one of these temporary tattoos for yourself at our “Reinventing Running” event on Nov. 5. They’re free, but as limited as the tickets. First come, first serve.


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