Chicago: Anyone up for 12-pack?

On Thursday, Sept 23, at 7pm, I’ll be speaking at The Book Stall in Winnetka, Ill.
And that same day at noon, it’s supposed to be gloriously sunny and cool and perfect for a long run around Lake Shore Drive. I know it’s the middle of a work day and super short notice, but if anyone is up for a two-hour or so run, shoot me an email. I’d appreciate the company, not to mention figuring out where I’m going (on a recent trip to San Fran, I got lost while running to the event and came panting through the door about 90 seconds before showtime).
I’ll be at the corner of Belden and N. Lincoln Park (right down the street from the zoo) at noon. Totally spur-of-the-moment — no doughnuts and drummers this time.


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