Brujita Unplugged: “Afterwards, I pooped black for two days…”

Jenn Shelton took questions live online yesterday at Portland’s Mail Tribune. No surprise, the conversation went directions others rarely do. Jenn criticizes the sub-title of the book and what she feels is a romanticized portrait of the Tarahumara, but if she wasn’t insightful and out-spoken, I wouldn’t have recognized her. Archived video is at bottom. Highlights include:

I don’t like cougars much. I’m okay with bears, though.”

Q: Remember when you babysat my gerbil and fed him to a snake?”
Jenn: That gerbil was a nasty, vicious little… [or something like that]

i’m hoping hip-hop will work as weight training.

Pacing Tony Krupicka at this year’s Western States 100:


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