Talk about born broken…

“If everybody stopped wearing shoes from the moment they are born, maybe it would be an easier transition, but right now, for someone to transition all of a sudden to doing barefoot running, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

—Dr. Michael Lacy, podiatrist.

I guess in Indiana, they’re pulling newborns out by the laces. Read the full story. Lacey goes on to explain that in his professional judgement, those who ought to be fitted for $400 orthotics are… everyone. So even though a top physical therapist like Gerard Hartmann, who cares for elite runners like Paula Radcliffe and Olympic gold medalist Tirunesh Dibaba, estimates that only 3% of us have “real biomechanical problems,” Dr. Lacy nonetheless believes 100 % of us need orthotics.

I just kind of think that everybody can benefit from good arch support and orthotics and I think that is the most beneficial thing for people is to have good arch support,” Lacey says. “That goes completely against what the barefoot running thinking is, but that is what I am most comfortable with and that is what I recommend to patients.

Now that’s got to speed things up in the examining room. Just phoning for an appointment makes you a candidate for corrective care.


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