Memorial Day 5k, West Chester, PA

Back in 2006, I spent a long, hot day and night in the Vermont woods with Billy Bonehead as we crewed for Jenn Shelton in the Vermont 100. One of the best parts of that race (apart from running under the stars with Bonehead and Brujita for the last 25-plus miles) was vagabonding from aid station to aid station with a total livewire named Maria. She was support crew for her husband, who was busy shredding a ferocious course on a steaming hot day. Recently, Maria contacted me about a race in support of Delaney Farren, a four-year-old with leukemia. It’s being held in West Chester, PA on Memorial Day — Monday, May 31. I’ll be there, running and signing books. We’ll have copies of Born to Run for sale, with all the proceeds going to Team Laneybug and childhood cancer research. I was thinking of upping the kitty with some kind of contribution based on the number of runners who beat me, but everyone beats me so I’ve got to come up with something else. Watch this space for whatever I figure out. Or just haul on out to West Chester and find out when you get there. Who can say no to sick kids?

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