From Reader Howard

i just wanted to say that this is the best book i have ever read. it felt like a series of lighbulbs going off. your insights and research made me realise what was wrong with my running… the shoes. i am now running in minimal shoes (still working on getting my feet strong enough to run in vibram fivefingers) and my knee and ankle pains are all but vanished, and i now smile when i run. not only is your book full of insight and useful information on nutrition (i now take a flask of chia seeds and orange juice on runs over 10 miles, i like it much more than gel) and training, it is also beautifully written – your descriptions of the tarahumara running are brilliant – and, even though i am now reading it for the second time, i still got excited reading about the tarahumara racing against ann
trason in the leadville run. i will keep an eye on the newsletter to see if you ever come to the uk to talk
thank you so much for this book, it might sound like frothing hyperbole, but i think i can say that it has actually changed my life. running now feels more like flying
thank you mr mcdougall


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