From Reader Dr. T. Riabokin

Many, many thanks for your book! After 30 years in practice (and 30 years of preaching going barefoot) I now have a treasure of a book to hand to my patients regarding the benefits of walking/running barefoot. Having heard of this tribe years ago I always wondered when we would see an accesible book about them. My copy of your book has … [Read more...]

From Reader Larry

I read your book Born To Run. Because of you, I feel like I have my life back again. I was a marathoner for 20 years, and then in my mid 30's I ran into a wall of injuries, to the point where at 42, I never thought I would be able to run ever again. Running was my true love. After reading your book, I am back baby!! Wow, I feel alive again. I have … [Read more...]

From Reader Sarah

Howard Luke is almost 86 years old, born in Nenana (just south of Fairbanks, Alaska) and raised in a traditional Athabascan, Alaska Native lifestyle. He says his mother put the lower foreleg bone of a Dall sheep around his neck when he was about 5 or 6 years old, so he would be a runner. She started making him run about 1/2 mile every morning, bare … [Read more...]

From Reader Eric

I've been a miserable runner for as long as I remember - I'm a big, tall guy and everyone always told me I just couldn't - except my mom. She's 63 and runs 80 miles a week, and has been since she was 17 and started trail-running as part of her biology degree (she's a botanist, liked to go out and get her own samples). Its her entertainment, her … [Read more...]

From Reader Naomi

Hi I just wanted to let you know that i loved your book born to run, It has completely changed my life. The book is definitely any runners bible! About 6 months ago i suffered from plantar fasciitis and was told by a number of practitioners that my running days were over. I was devastated as i am only 28, a massive running enthusiast, and had my … [Read more...]