May 1, 2011 – Naked Boulder, CO

********Free Food Update: the always awesome folks at Clif Bar just offered to feed the masses. When you reach the amphitheatre atop Flagstaff, you’ll find tasty bars awaiting. More swag updates as they come in. ************

This could be the greatest Naked event of all. We’re going to run up Flagstaff and hold the Naked Cabaret in a gorgeous stone amphitheatre on the side of the mountain. Come run alongside ultra legends like Scott Jurek, Tony Krupicka, and Marshall Ulrich, then kick back with some Flora magic truffles (courtesy of Scott Jurek) and enjoy the show.
The Sunrise Amphitheatre, up on Flagstaff Mountain
Naked Facts:
• At 12 noon, we’re going to meet at Boulder Book Store
107 Pearl Street (303) 447.2074
• At 1 p.m., we’ll start making our way up the mountain for the Naked Cabaret. Showtime is 2 p.m.
After the Cabaret, we’ll run back down the mountain and back to Boulder Book Store to sign books, raffle off prizes, answer questions, and hit up Scott for more of those truffles.

Does it get more Pheidippides?

Ultra-god Scott Jurek.
Check out this excellent CNN/Dr. Sanjay Gupta interview with Scott

Eric Orton — the coach who first persuaded me I could transform myself, and then he made it happen. He’ll be with me in Boise, San Fran and LA, leading naked runs and teaching the same technique that got me down to the Copper Canyons. Like this: