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May 2012

Eat & Run: The Road Tour **UP-UPDATES**

by Christopher on May 30, 2012

Tickets are going fast. As of Thursday, May 31:
**Boston, June 6, is sold out.But the group run through Harvard is open to all-comers: 4:30 pm. Scroll down here for details.
**New York, June 5, is nearly full for the evening event. On Tuesday morning, Scott is leading a street party/group run all the way around Manhattan (with nearly 50 runners already signed up!), finishing at Bryant Park for an open-air lunchtime event in “The Reading Room.”
**Chicago, June 7, sold half of all tickets in the first two days.
So please, get them while you can. These are the only events I’ll be doing for the rest of the year.

I’ll be sharing the stage and the road with Scott Jurek next week in three cities: New York, Boston, and Chicago. Scott and I agree on some things, disagree on others (I’m so not vegan, for instance, that if Scott died in a plane crash in the Andes, I’d eat him at once. Even if I wasn’t on the plane. Lean, organically-grown, free-range… Jurek tenderloin is probably the healthiest food on earth). So the on-stage conversations should be spicy, and the pre-talk runs should be a blast. The kick-off will be Scott’s run all the way around Manhattan on Tuesday morning (which you’re welcome to join at any stage, by the way). Details for the other events are here.

“They rambled and ran, calling Caballo…”
The New York Times re-creates the final days and rollercoaster last years of Micah True, in both print and audio forms. Among the story’s other virtues, it’s the best-reported and most emotionally-moving account of the search — not a surprise, since it comes from narrative master Barry Bearak. This was a difficult story to get right, particularly since Caballo was such a storm cloud of conflicting emotions, and Bearak handles it with extraordinary skill.

Scott Jurek has some kind of wild fiesta planned for Tuesday, June 5, when he launches his new book, “Eat and Run.” We’ll be uncorking an epic run around Manhattan in the morning and speaking in Bryant Park at noon, but the showstopper will be this event on Tuesday night. I’ve only heard about half of what Scott has in store, and I already need more coffee.

On Wednesday, June 6, we’ll be in Cambridge, MA for a run through Harvard Square and along the Charles River, then an event that evening at Brattle Theatre. All you need to know, right here.

Thursday, June 7, it’s on to Chicago for a FleetFeet-sponsored extravaganza. Details and tickets, here.

**Update: Ok, details are up for the 1st event in NYC at Bryant Park. not ALL the details, though; we’re still brainstorming our plan to arrive on foot after an epic run. more on that once we nail it down.


On June 5, Scott Jurek is launching his great new book, “Eat and Run,” and to celebrate, I’ll be hitting the road with him for a few one-of-a-kind events. Some of the ideas we’re putting together are truly epic (like, if you’ve got an iPhone and you’re in New York, this could be your best fake sick-day of the year).
Scott will unveil the full agenda soon, but until then, save the dates and practice your really-can’t-make-it-coughcough-to-work-today phone voice.
Utica will be a solo operation; I’ll be there while Scott is in DC.
Expect runs, beers, tattoos, arrests.