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June 2011

Busted in Boulder: The Graphic Novel

by Christopher on June 16, 2011

From Jenny Uehisa, who caught the showdown on film just when things were getting testy:

Peter Sarsgaard, who was a creative writing student under the great Stanley Elkin at Washington University before becoming an actor, talks about his vision for the Born to Run movie and about adding his own screenwriting touch to the script. He’s certainly done his homework, including: interviewing Barefoot Ted at the Leadville Trail 100; getting up at 3am to watch the start of the race; running roundtrip to the top of 12,500-foot Hope Pass; debriefing Prof. Lieberman on evolutionary biology; and chasing down Caballo Blanco for a sit-down.

In the Court of The Barefoot King

Naked Beer Run: The Musical

by Christopher on June 13, 2011

Kris Wood, you’re a guerrilla videographer genius:

Barefoot Beer Run from Kris wood on Vimeo.

And that’s some fine body art:

Naked Beer Run II

by Christopher on June 10, 2011

4th Ave Pub is on standby to welcome 60+ sweaty, semi-shod runners this evening at the end of our 8-ish mile Naked Run across Manhattan. Feel free to join us anywhere along the route. We’re leaving Central Park at around 5 (or whenever my friend and new Guinness Record Holder Chris Solarz manages to slip out of work). “Mailbox Mike” Oliva, co-creator of the Fat Ass-style free marathon series, will also be there (Mike earned his nickname at the Vermont 100 in 2006, when he got so hungry and delusional he looked in someone’s mailbox along the road for food).

****Schwag Alert*****
Michelle Hinsvark of always-up-for-a-party Vivo Barefoot just got in touch to say she’ll be waiting for us at the pub with icy pitchers and free Vivo giveaways. So thanks to Vivo, you may head home loaded and sporting a swanky new pair of Ultras.

Keep in mind, this run is strictly for fun, plus to see if I can avoid taxis and subways the entire time I’m in the boroughs this weekend. Wear whatever you like on your feet — I’ll probably have on some minimal shoe, since my soles are a little raw after roasting them doofishly during a way-too-hot asphalt run yesterday. Don’t worry about pace, or anything else: everyone handled last summer’s Harlem-Brooklyn Run without a problem (even the guy in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt who carried a book instead of water), so if you show up with shorts and a handheld, this will be a breeze.

The 1st Naked Run: Harlem-Brooklyn, Aug 2010

“It hurts to do stupid things.”

by Christopher on June 9, 2011

Barefoot Ken Bob weighs into the New York Times debate on barefoot running. As usual, his insight is the keenest.

The response from Runner’s World? “Still anecdotal on key issues.”
Sigh. Like watching the Titanic go down.

Their math scores go through the roof. And one of the best parts? This wasn’t some government program or mandatory phys ed requirement. This was one teacher firing the kids up and leading them out the door. What a hero.

Naked Beer Run, Anyone?

by Christopher on June 6, 2011

We’re a go. Details on BarefootNYC Meetup. Please RSVP so we can do a head count before we set off and don’t leave anyone behind.

This Saturday, June 11, we’ll be holding our climactic Naked Tour event in Brooklyn. To simultaneously celebrate, warm-up, and get there, I’ll be running to Brooklyn after I arrive in Manhattan on Friday afternoon. I’m planning to light out about 4pm. Looks to be about 6-ish miles, depending on which bridge and beer garden look best. (Suggestions? Fire them in. I’m hoping for microbrewy and barefoot-friendly). I’m pretty sure John Durant will be there, because who’s more microbrewy and barefoot-friendly than this guy?

John Durant shotguns a beer out of a shoe from John Durant on Vimeo.

DETAILS: From me? Seriously? You must not have heard about The Boulder Barefoot Bandit Bust. Check in with BarefootNYC Meetup. I’ll be ready to hit the bricks by 4pm, so I’m open to any plan that has a stein in my hand by 6.