Your February to-do list: cure blindness, set a half-marathon PR, race Scott Jurek, and run with Ethiopian superstars.

And it's totally do-able. It ain't cheap, but opportunities of a lifetime never are. From Outside magazine: Next winter, Jurek is joining forces with the Himalayan Cataract Project and imagine1day to offer 14 runners the chance to join him on a 10-day voluntour and running expedition to Ethiopia. “I've been trying to find partners and projects … [Read more...]

Running Shoes, re-Born.

Coach E, the guy who beat me in a bet when I said there was no way I could run a 50-mile footrace, also opened my eyes to the sins of structured running shoes. Better put, he won the bet because he showed me how destructive they are. Instead of just beefing about the problem, he's come up with his own solution — he's designed his own minimalist … [Read more...]

Echoing hooves…

Caballo's girlfriend, the Apache Butterfly, helped design this beautiful race poster for next year's Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon. (I'm betting right now the tattoo artist at Coyote's Born to Run race is going to face heavy demand for that design). To top it off, Maria then grabbed a'hold of the same burro that Caballo ran with last year in … [Read more...]