“Worrying lack of high-quality research”

That's what the British Medical Journal and the BBC found in a study aired last week when they looked into the "science" behind running shoes and sports drinks. Puma, for instance, claims its running shoes are "designed to... minimise injury, optimise comfort and maximize speed." But when investigators asked for evidence? Puma declined to provide … [Read more...]

“She’s not talking without an extensive belly rub and four jelly doughnuts.”

Among the prizes this Sunday at the Mt.A 5k — "The World's Friendliest Footrace," as certified by Jenn Shelton, also the race director — is Queen of the Climb: At an undisclosed point during the first half mile of the Mount A 5K--America's Friendliest 5K-- race course, there will be a cow bell hanging from a pole. The first overall female and male … [Read more...]

The next Fivefingers: After zero-drop, zero A.D.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction. — Einstein By this time next year, I'm betting the newest footwear sensation will be the oldest: huaraches, the one shoe that has been in action since the beginning of time. Lash-on … [Read more...]

It’s on! Copper Canyon Ultramarathon 2013 is a go.

Caballo's legacy is in great hands: Caballo's wonderful girlfriend, Maria, and Josue Stephens — a seasoned race director, ultra runner, and longtime Mas Loco — are heading down to the Copper Canyons this month to lock in logistics with the Presidencia of the host town, Urique. Choosing Josue Stephens as co-director of the race was inspired; he's … [Read more...]