First the drought, now drug thugs: Mexico’s cartels target Tarahumara Indian athletes

If the drug war can start involving the Tarahumara, then no one is immune. —Don Morrison, a borderlands attorney with a Tarahumara client in prison. When I returned to the Copper Canyons in 2006 for Caballo's race, I was heartsick to discover that Manuel Luna's son — a kind and wonderfully talented young man who was barely a teenager — had been … [Read more...]

Runner’s World: Remember those shoes we spent 30 years telling you to buy? Never mind.

In Dec. 2008, Runner's World slipped this footnote into its shoe review: We've reported in the past that a more stable shoe will help relieve the pain you feel just ahead of the heel. But recent research has shown that stability shoes are unlikely to relieve plantar fasciitis and may even exacerbate the symptoms. Translation: "Those $100 shoes … [Read more...]

“Most influential runner in America”

Somewhere, a White Horse is reading this and rolling his eyes. Or saying, "De nada, McOso." Meanwhile, Scott Jurek is still on the road and killing it with his "Eat & Run" tour. The reception has been insane: I joined him for four events in three days in New York, Boston, and Chicago, and every one was standing room only. Boston was especially … [Read more...]