“The Truth About Barefoot Running”

In an excellent story for Runners World UK, Sam Murphy does something almost no other reporter ever tries: learning it for herself. She doesn't just take a few wincing steps; she studies technique, makes a smart effort to master it, dares to climb aboard Barefoot Ted's Wrong-Way Rickshaw, and even travels from the UK to attend the NYC Barefoot … [Read more...]

Race day!

Caballo has done it again: somehow he's managed to pull off yet another "Ultramaraton de Caballo Blanco" at the bottom of the Copper Canyons. Barefoot Ted made it back, and if you've read Born to Run, you'll know how thrilled he was to find this guy waiting to meet him: Manuel Luna, his pal and huarache mentor. We all realized Caballo's dream was … [Read more...]