Can he make it look any easier? Marshall Lewy sips whiskey, writes Sundance scripts in 2 weeks, and reveals a bit about the Born to Run movie.

Amazing year for Marshall Lewy. One of his projects lost financing at the last sec, but instead of putting his foot (or the investors) through the wall, he bounced back by tearing out a Sundance-worthy script in just 16 days and attracting exactly the star he wanted — Robert Carlyle of "Trainspotting" and "The Full Monty." Meanwhile, he was also … [Read more...]

Help ultrarunner Will Harlan help the Tarahumara

Reports of a drought crisis have been emerging from the Copper Canyons over the past few days. Because it's sometimes hard to tell what is credible from what has been sensationalized, WIll Harlan is on his way down to directly assist and assess. Will is experienced, knowledgeable, and utterly honest, and yesterday he emailed me this: "I am … [Read more...]

Best story I never told

When I was researching "Born to Run," I visited the Hopi reservation in Arizona and got to spend time with Hopi elder Bucky Preston and his ultrarunning protege, Dennis Poolheco. It was a wild time, including a freezing moonlit scramble over the mesa while trying to find our way back out of the wilderness and not get too freaked by coyote howls. I … [Read more...]