Lesson from an Olympic silver medalist: You’re never too late, or too fast, to get off your heels

Get past the product pitch and you'll find Meb's real message — at age 36, he finally got off his heels and changed his form to a gentler foot strike. The result: * He was able to get rid of the orthotics he'd been wearing since college * He ran the fastest marathon of his life * His performance at the New York City Marathon improved by 2 minutes … [Read more...]

The Barefoot M.D., in his own words

...my journey of discovery began afar: while watching Kenyan runners go barefoot I've been impressed by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella ever since I first heard his story at a Boston Marathon forum two years ago (where, incidentally, he was mocked by a running-shoe expert). I've been down to see him in Shepherdstown twice, and I'm sure that's just the … [Read more...]