“A kind of wild dirt magazine sort of version of ‘Born to Run’ that honors the true free spirit of what a lot of these people are like.”

Peter Sarsgaard, who was a creative writing student under the great Stanley Elkin at Washington University before becoming an actor, talks about his vision for the Born to Run movie and about adding his own screenwriting touch to the script. He's certainly done his homework, including: interviewing Barefoot Ted at the Leadville Trail 100; getting … [Read more...]

Naked Beer Run II

4th Ave Pub is on standby to welcome 60+ sweaty, semi-shod runners this evening at the end of our 8-ish mile Naked Run across Manhattan. Feel free to join us anywhere along the route. We're leaving Central Park at around 5 (or whenever my friend and new Guinness Record Holder Chris Solarz manages to slip out of work). "Mailbox Mike" Oliva, … [Read more...]

Naked Beer Run, Anyone?

***UPDATE*** We're a go. Details on BarefootNYC Meetup. Please RSVP so we can do a head count before we set off and don't leave anyone behind. This Saturday, June 11, we'll be holding our climactic Naked Tour event in Brooklyn. To simultaneously celebrate, warm-up, and get there, I'll be running to Brooklyn after I arrive in Manhattan on Friday … [Read more...]