Tear Up the Wanted Posters

Just got word that the Boulder city attorney dropped charges in The Case Of The Barefoot Bandit Brigade. "In the interest of justice," as the city attorney put it. A very civil disposition of a good-faith miscommunication on both sides. I thought we were complying with the requirements, the rangers did exactly what they were hired for and politely … [Read more...]

Smart Running: The Musical

When it comes to endurance sports or just about anything else, Phil Maffetone's mind whirs too fast for the rest to ever catch up. Luckily, he not only publishes his brilliance in "The Big Book of Endurance Sports," but provides his own soundtrack: … [Read more...]

May 14: Caballo, Coyote, Monkey, Magic.

Guaranteed to be an insanely good time: Luis "El Coyote" Escobar is staging the 1st annual Born To Run ultramarathon weekend, with distances ranging from 10-100 miles. Caballo and Barefoot Ted will be there, and if I weren't five time zones away on assignment, you couldn't keep me away with firepower. Created by runners for runners. Join us for a … [Read more...]

Naked Boulder, May 1

Perfectly coincides with May Day, National Barefoot Running Day, the one-week countdown for Mom's Day gifts, and gorgeous weather here in Boulder. The Naked Runs have been a blast, like this one a few days ago in Hattiesburg... But Boulder has the chance to go down as best in show. Check out this unreal line-up and location … [Read more...]