Last place, with a swoosh

A British writer spent six months in search of the secret of Kenya's dominance of distance running. One of the first things he noticed: Another difference is that virtually all the children are running barefoot. Barefoot running is a growing trend in the west, based on the theory that conventional running shoes force you to run in an inefficient … [Read more...]

Barefoot Ballers

Runners aren't the only victims of overhyped sneakers which lead to harmful heel-striking. ESPN believes NBA stars may also be paying a painful and costly price for believing that shoe companies actually know what they're doing. The solution? According to another ESPN column, basketball players should take a lesson from naked runners and re-learn … [Read more...]

Running Wild in Boulder with Jerker and Naked Guy.

Last August, I was leaving Leadville, Colorado after the Trail 100 when I spotted ultra-ace Tony "Naked Guy" Krupicka's pickup truck by the side of the road. Moments later, I was sharing a slab of dark chocolate on the back bumper of my car with Naked Guy's gal, Jocelyn Jenks, while Tony continued digging around in his gear. I'd heard a good bit … [Read more...]