Born to Run Marathons?

Right before the New York City marathon, Tara Parker-Pope — ace science writer and editor of The New York Times' "Well" section — invited me to crack my knuckles and contribute this essay about my beef with urban mega-marathons. In two words: husbandry and oceanography. November 4, 2010, 12:01 AM Born to Run the Marathon? By CHRISTOPHER … [Read more...]

Lee Saxby, the Barefoot Pro

I've had lots of requests to re-post this video, which teaches you how to avoid being a "head-chaser" or a "sticky runner." In this podcast, Lee Saxby describes the self-coaching exercises he uses to teach barefoot running. Then he shows you how to master them: Learn to Run Barefoot with Lee Saxby and Terra Plana from GTB Goodtruebeautiful GmbH on … [Read more...]

“The New Yorker” teaches Barefoot Running

The New Yorker and Alberto Salazar catch up with the secret the Tarahumara have known for 10,000 years: Walker also began to notice some uncanny similarities among the very best runners. The fastest finishers had a higher thigh drive, for one thing; at its apex, their femur bone was almost parallel to the ground, like the front legs of a bounding … [Read more...]