Reinventing Running, Nov 5: The Trailer, Pt II.

We're at D minus 6 till show time: It may teeter toward undignified, but for sheer showmanship I have this hankering to wheel Barefoot Ted on stage for the Reinventing Running cabaret in a handcart wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask. As for one of our other featured speakers — urban paleo explorer John Durant — I hope he gives his entire talk thru that … [Read more...]

Born to Run: Training Secrets, Revealed

One of the featured speakers at our "Reinventing Running" event at the New York City Marathon is Eric Orton, the coach who first tempted me with the idea that it was possible to transform yourself from an injured, discouraged, busted-down ex-runner into an ultramarathoner in just 9 months. He did it then, and he's done it again: Eric and I reunited … [Read more...]

My First Marathon: New York City, Nov 7

Thanks to Dr. Lieberman, who talked me into it, I'll be running my first marathon this fall since I gave up running for good 10 years ago. That was before meeting the Tarahumara, and Caballo, and lots of other stuff that ended up becoming Born to Run. I had zero interest in running New York, to be frank, until Dr. Lieberman very cleverly talked me … [Read more...]

Reinventing Running: The Cabaret

So here's the backstory of this event: As our way of celebrating the New York City Marathon, we decided to try re-creating on stage some of the processes of discovery I went through while researching Born to Run. This won't be a book talk, or a barefoot-running lecture, or a go-get'm motivational speech. Instead, we'll be putting a mic in the hands … [Read more...]

Mom’s right: Bobby really is a fine boy.

The streets of Washington DC get mighty cold on Halloween and 26.2 miles hasn't gotten any shorter, but Bob Ewing is still planning to run the Marine Corps Marathon in his bare feet. He's not just rallying in support of his mother's battle with lymphoma -- he's also mustering foot soldiers for a more universal cause. Check out his video, if not for … [Read more...]