Chicago: Anyone up for 12-pack?

On Thursday, Sept 23, at 7pm, I'll be speaking at The Book Stall in Winnetka, Ill. And that same day at noon, it's supposed to be gloriously sunny and cool and perfect for a long run around Lake Shore Drive. I know it's the middle of a work day and super short notice, but if anyone is up for a two-hour or so run, shoot me an email. I'd appreciate … [Read more...]

First! Annual! New York City! Barefoot Fiesta!

That's a lot of ADHD punctuation but all for a good cause. John and Maggie Durant, the brother-sister team who have become national leaders of hunter-gatherer athleticism and also helped mastermind our epic Harlem-Brooklyn Barefoot Run, are about to stage an encore: The 1st Annual New York City Barefoot Run, an event which Vegas odds already have … [Read more...]

“Born To Run,” Back on Tour

I'm going to be visiting a bunch of places around the country this fall, and hopefully sneaking in a run wherever I land. Here's my schedule for the next week or so: Saturday, Sept. 11: Winston-Salem, NC. Bookmarks Festival of Books. **I'm also meeting some NC runners for a loop around Salem Lake at 8am. If you can make it, we're meeting at the … [Read more...]

After two years of heel pain, Mike Rossi was so desperate he decided to have his plantar fascia surgically severed. Then, he got another idea…

Chris - Hopefully you get this email. I wanted to thank you for your book as you truly have saved me from surgery and reenergized my running. I have been very active my whole life, wrestling year round (running sprints barefoot during high school) and the Marine Corp (all training done in combat boots that have no cushion), but never was a runner. … [Read more...]

10,000-year-old Red Bull

I know why I got such a jolt out of iskiate, the Tarahumara's Stone Age energy brew, when I was down in the Copper Canyons — I was dehydrated and hurting for calories. So was Carl Lumholtz, the great Norwegian explorer, when he explored Tarahumara country in the 1800s and took his first stunned swallows: “I arrived late one afternoon at a cave … [Read more...]

“It’s all too often that we let our remedies become our maladies”

Angela Raines got a super upclose seat at the Boulder Book Store talk, but it didn't come cheap. "I got to sit cross-legged on the floor," she reports, "inches away from the author’s very own, bare and slightly grimey, feet." (I'd gone on a dusty trail run that afternoon in a pair of Barefoot Ted's exquisite "Luna" huaraches. Fantastic performance … [Read more...]