“It’s like having a tire with a nail in it.” —Nike’s top coach, on heel-striking

If two of America's greatest runners can get healthy by getting off their heels, why shouldn't you? Three years ago, Alan Webb was one of the world's best milers. In 2007, he ran the fastest time in the world in both the mile and 1500 meters. Then he began to get injured and sank into a slump. Recently, as the Portland Tribune reports, he put … [Read more...]

Barefoot Secrets from Grunts and Seals

The key to light, easy running is rhythm, and that's a secret that combat forces have known for thousands of years. Roman centurions used to cover 50 miles in a single night, running with one hand holding their weapons and the other on the shoulder of the soldier ahead of them. That kind of close-quarters striding demands a quick, … [Read more...]

Better Running With the Barefoot Pro

I've been lucky enough to learn from a lot of excellent barefoot runners and natural-running coaches. Dr. Mark Cuccuzella in West Virginia and Ryan Miller in Boston are top-notch; they teach Danny Dreyer's ChiRunning and are masters of making the technique easy to learn and remember. Ken Mierke, the Annapolis-based coach who developed Evolution … [Read more...]

Even GI Joe is afraid of running shoes

U.S. military researchers finally stepped in to settle the dust and resolve the running shoe debate. Their question: do running shoes cause the injuries they're supposed to prevent? Their answer: Hoo-wah! Or as they actually put it: Researchers found almost no correlation at all between wearing the proper running shoes and avoiding injury. Injury … [Read more...]

“One injury that I have always had that never seems to go away is plantar fasciitis..”

I got home, took the KSO’s off, and had some blisters, but my PF pain was gone. I was amazed and bewildered. Next time you come across one of those befuddled news stories which ponder whether minimalist running is a fad, consider the case of Sean Fillner. Like many runners, he turned to natural foot motion after suffering endless injuries in … [Read more...]