The Petraeus bodyshop, in perspective

If one thing unites the great commanders from Attila to Washington, it has been their raw ability to sleep less, eat less, and drive harder than anyone else on the battlefield. The Duke of Wellington caught some nice breaks at Waterloo, but he also made his luck by spending 10 hours a day in the saddle on a single cup of tea, sleeping two hours a … [Read more...]

” Barefoot Ted is most definitely one of a kind…”

BFT was in Europe recently for a series of barefoot running workshops. Oddly, a guy named Olly signed up for a multi-day, overnight- camping clinic out in the freezing English countryside, even though the last thing he wanted to do that weekend, or any other, was run: I’ve always been something of a running skeptic and have run very infrequently … [Read more...]

Hammer of Glory Tour, 2010

America's coolest running club, the Fishtown Beer Runners, has been chosen as honor guard for the glorious Hammer of Glory in the final stage of its journey across Philadelphia for the opening day of Beer Week. The HOG is Philly's official keg mallet, and by time-honored tradition, it will be passed Olympic style across the city from hand-t0-hand, … [Read more...]

Yijoo Tracker: Heads up, Ohio

Just check out his numbers: May 26, 34.01 miles; May 27, 34.01 miles; May 28, 34.04 miles... Unreal. Yijoo Kwon, the 64-year-old diabetic who began beating his disease the day he began running, is still blazing across the U.S. on his solo transcontinental run. He expected to be back home in Queens by July 9, but he's moving so fast, he'll almost … [Read more...]

June 4: Barefoot Lesson from the Master

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, the shoeless sensei and a truly exceptional teacher, is barnstorming the U.S. this summer to give free barefoot-running workshops. i'll be hosting him in Lancaster,PA before he moves on to the Univ of Delaware, New York, Harvard, and points beyond. It's totally and truly free, although donations to cover Ken Bob's travel … [Read more...]