Menstrual-controlled running shoes, new from Asics.

No, seriously. I only wish I were kidding. Just when you thought the shamelessness of running-shoe scams had reached bottom, whaddaya know -- they find new depths to the cesspool. Asics is kindly offering to sell you a $190 running shoe that will magically adjust its midsole to your menstrual cycle. Read on, and marvel at how the Asics flack gets … [Read more...]

Who needs speed?

In "Born to Run," I explore the idea that the reason we gather by the tens of thousands to run 26.2 miles through city streets isn't to survive the experience, but to share it... Excerpted from "Born to Run": The reason we race isn’t so much to beat each other, he understood, but to be with each other... That’s why the Tarahumara bet like crazy … [Read more...]

The Mafia Business Model

A few months ago, I wrote an article for Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine about the opportunity that natural running presented to running-shoe retailers. The only reason these stores exist is because the owners position themselves as experts. Now that it's becoming clear that the torque and excess cushioning in modern running shoes are … [Read more...]

“But what about glass?”

Will the barefoot runner who has ever sliced his or her foot on a piece of glass please stand up? If you're able, of course. Because I'd love to meet you, mysterious and mythical stranger that you are. Anyone who runs without shoes is constantly asked about All That Dangerous Glass Out There! Take this comment from Kevin Kirby, the angry podiatrist … [Read more...]

Round 2 with Runcolo…

Run Colorado, the remarkably energetic and inquisitive running blog, was one of the first media outlets to take a look at Born to Run and ask some smart questions. Now, Simon is back for more. He's been picking up on some barefooting backlash and decided to separate the heat from the light. … [Read more...]

Barefooting, Argentine Prison Style

"Since reading your book (of which I am a huge fan) I´ve done a fair amount of barefoot running. Currently I´m travelling around South America and have been keeping a blog about my travels and my running. This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending the night in an Argentine prison. Out of necessity the trip home from said prison was a barefoot … [Read more...]